Masterpiece - 1

Masterpiece - 2

Masterpiece - 3

Masterpiece - 4

Masterpiece - 5

Masterpiece - 6

Masterpiece - 7

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12 Responses to Masterpiece

  1. amelia goodman says:

    Beautifu. She is georgious, love the photography work. Where did you get the violin? It’s the perfect size.

  2. skc1911 says:

    It is indeed a remarkable piece of work.
    I can feel the story from the photograph.
    It is because the photograph is wonderful.

  3. Hololo says:

    first photo is my fave, fantactic

  4. coffeebugg says:

    Very beautiful shots~!

  5. purutaru says:

    nice shots bro 😀

    how did you manage to get such a small violin for the photoshoot? :d

  6. tabetaiii says:

    oo lovely, I like the first and last shot!

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