Singapore - 1

Singapore - 2

Singapore - 3

Singapore - 4

Singapore - 5

Singapore - 6

Singapore - 7

Singapore - 8

Singapore - 9

Singapore - 10

Singapore - 11

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14 Responses to Singapore

  1. kirostory says:

    Gorgeous photos as usual Brudda. Keep up the standard brudda.

  2. Tsubasa126 says:

    Ohh wow~!!!

    Yet again, your photos are so fascinating~!!!

    Did you photoshop them? You really need to teach me~!!

    I’ll definitely visit Singapore soon~. (^^)

  3. Akiyo says:

    Thumbs up Brudda 😀

  4. Ex14 says:

    oAo! hopefully will be able to join you one day with you-know-who. hopefully >.<!

  5. a p p l e p u f f * says:

    OMG! gorgeous photos as always. you’re so talented XD

  6. tabetaiii says:

    Ah, lovely photos as usual! haven’t seen your pics in a while~
    This is sutekiii from^^

  7. Jon says:

    Nice! I think I am going down to SG after my exam or something

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