The night pool

The night pool - 1

The night pool - 2

The night pool - 3

The night pool - 4

The night pool - 5

The night pool - 6

The night pool - 7

The night pool - 8

The night pool - 9

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12 Responses to The night pool

  1. Tsubasa126 says:

    I really love the swimming pool shots!!

    Maybe I should do some pool shots too~
    Oh and I need swimming lessons from your daughter~ (^^)

  2. SouthernBelleInCali says:

    She is absolutely gorgeous! Her eyes are so striking!

  3. Mr.MVP says:

    Her wig is okay with chlorine ?

  4. Yui says:

    I like the colour of all your photo!
    Swimming Pool at night seems being a great place for doll photography, though I dare not bring my girls there…

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