I quit Danny Choo & doll.fm = ctlr+c ctlr+v

doll.fm = ctlr+c ctlr+v - 1

Copying and pasting the links from here and arrangements are exactly in the same order too !
I must be flattered のヮの, but oh wait whatever happened to my link then Σ(゚Д゚;)
Only those who had been here during its pre-launch can see it since there had been slight changes under the sorting recently. Doll.fm goes smart with randomizing the order.

doll.fm = ctlr+c ctlr+v - 2

After slight changes in sorting.

doll.fm = ctlr+c ctlr+v - 3

Yet you are still playing games with me Danny. Your greed for traffic has turned you over.
Pulling strings on Otacool 2, and I bet you will too on ASCII since you have sent mails to certain Dollfie Dream owners to submit.
Thanks for banning my accounts but you don’t need to unban them anymore because I will not even bother to visit any of your Mirai Gaia sites from here on.

I have never been angry, and I am always a kind and happy person, but there are things that can make me go spartan.

You have just witnessed my dark side.

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7 Responses to I quit Danny Choo & doll.fm = ctlr+c ctlr+v

  1. coffeebugg says:

    And suddenly.. everything doll related became “Dollfies.” (=_=#)

    By the way.. updated me blog link “coffeebugg.wordpress.com”

  2. Jon says:

    I feel you. I am very dissatisfied with something as well. Now I know about your absence.

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